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After years of waiting, the answer to younger looking skin has arrived.

Many products have tried to lead the ongoing fight against aging,
but none can match the results of Transfusium.
The Sisel Safe® ingredients in Transfusium are gentle, yet powerfully effective on your skin.

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Transfusium Fortified Wrinkle Serum*


Forever Light Creator Skintone Corrector Serum


Absolue Sublime



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Youth is more than just a memory

    A rich blend of moisturizers gently lifts dirt, oils, and makeup residues from the face giving it a fresh, clean glow.
  • SkinDu
    A light, high-moisture-binding spritz that deeply hydrates your skin with youth-enhancing ingredients.
    Transfusium is gentle on your skin, yet delivers powerful and visible results.
  • ACTIFY 6000
    Revolutionary ingredients deeply moisturize the face up to 6,000 percent in vitro that link up within the skin’s own replenishing stuctures.
    Skin damage occurs in 3 ways every day, aging you faster than you should. See beautiful skin respond every night and wake up to a newer looking you.

See what people say about Transfusium

  • On the second day I had people noticing… Literally I had been on a day and a half and my husband said, “Wow! Look at your skin. It’s really working”, and that was my validation.
    Every time, this sounds silly but it’s true, I passed by a mirror I would stop and I study my face. Wrinkles and lines were actually being eliminated just from day to day. Almost immediately the puffiness around my eyes was gone. My smile lines around my eyes were softening. The smile lines around my mouth were softening. My skin was tightening up and the wrinkles in my forehead were less deep. Also, I felt like I had baby skin. My skin got soft very very quickly. Under my chin, the skin was tighter. Also, around my jaw line my skin was tighter. I thought that must be the elastin and collagen. I not only see it working, I feel it working.

    Jackie Christiansen

  • On day 5, I passed the mirror in the morning and looked back again and said, what? Really? It was like I was looking at somebody else. The results are amazing. My face is softer, firmer, healthier. The most that I notice is that the skin around my eyes tightened so much and there are no wrinkles. It made my eyes pop, they sparkle, they look bigger. People absolutely can’t believe that I am 53. There is that much of a difference.

    Laura Bacchini

  • I’m not a guy who has been babying my skin over the years. I love to hunt, fish and I’m outside all the time. I started using the product and 4 days into it I took a picture. It was amazing. I saw such great results in 4 days. Then, I took a 2 week picture and everyone started asking if I doctored my photos. It is such a safe product that I use it every day, 2 times a day.

    Doc Fizz

Before & After Transfusium Photos

Turn back time with Transfusium

Talitha A.

after 2 weeks

Turn back time with Transfusium

Doc Fizz

after 2 weeks

Turn back time with Transfusium

Jackie C.

after 2 weeks

Turn back time with Transfusium