No need to fake it anymore—Maxximize your natural beauty!

Always wished you had those long lashes and thick brows you see on today’s movie stars and models? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve all done it—picked at our mascara, forgotten to take off our makeup at night or indulged in harsh treatments such as lash extensions, all things that can cause severe lash loss. Over-plucking our brows or just plain ageing can cause our eye-brows to dramatically thin as well.

Maxximize is truly a mutli-tasking product for eyelashes, nails and eyebrows. This awesome, proprietary blend will “Maxximize” the health, beauty and appearance of not only your eyelashes and fingernails but with 2-3 months use, you will notice your eyebrows will appear to be thicker, fuller and more youthful looking.

So, regardless of how you’ve treated your lashes and brows, Maxximize is precisely formulated with “Taylor made” peptides to minimize brow and lash loss while triggering natural growth giving your eyes that youthful look that only long lashes and full brows can achieve.

· Myristoyl Pentapeptide – 17 and Myristoyl Tetrapeptide – 12 – Studies have shown that these two powerful peptides generate 25% longer lashes by stimulating keratin genes in the body. These are the genes responsible for eyelash and eyebrow growth and are also responsible for stimulating fingernail growth.

· Swertia Herb Extract BG-100 - Responsible for hair regrowth and increased circulation

· Anagain - Stimulates hair regrowth

· D-Biotin - Strengthens brittle nails