Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Let them Shine.

Every woman knows that lip gloss is the one beauty item that women apply and reapply all throughout the day.In keeping with Sisel’s unique approach to taking the everyday, commonplace product and turning it into a fun, multi-tasking “must-have” for every woman, Siselin’ Lips and Hips Lip Gloss is no different!

An exciting study from the University of Chicago was the inspiration for Sisel’s new Siselin’ Lips and Hips weight loss lip gloss. A year-long study showed that certain fragrances (banana, grapefruit, peppermint and green apple), when smelled periodically during the day, produced an average weight loss of 20 pounds a year for the women in the study!

We’ve combined the latest science in lip-plumping actives with this proven odorant technology in weight loss support to create this revolutionary, new product. Siselin’ Lips and Hips is the latest, fun addition to your beauty regime that will plump your lips and slim your hips with every sexy application!

Click here to read the study from the University of Chicago